Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Experiencing Celebrating my 19th Birthday

On 5th July 2015, sharp on 12 o’clock in the morning, my friends are busy preparing for my surprise birthday party. It was very fun and cute. At first on 4th July, we break fast at Asam Pedas Junior near Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. Then, my friends decided to go to KL. So, we rush to UiTM because we want to pack our things. But then, when I busy was packing, I realize that my friends are already gone.

So, I went to Bentara to find them. But then, my friends are not there. I was very mad because I thought they lied to me. Hahaha. Then, I went to Bentara and found that Gamma MC111 are rehearsal. Our batch. Gamma are going to perform for iftar MC111 this Monday. So, without wasting any time, I joined them and sing together with them. I didn’t expect that my friends are going to do a surprise party because while I though that they forget about my birthday.. Hahaha.

On 11p.m , we finished our rehearsal. So I went back to my room and get ready to sleep because my friends a.k.a my roommate, Puteri and Sarah were not in the room. Before I go to sleep, Diana came to my room and have a chat with me. Then, Syifa came to my room. I wonder why suddenly, they came to my room. But, like always I ignore my curiosity. Then, Diana asks me to follow her to go to vending machine because she was thirsty and afraid to go alone. I just follow behind her back without talking much. Then, syifa wants to go back to her college. Because it is already late. 

Suddenly, Diana said that she doesn’t have exchange money. So, she have to take from her car. She parked behind our college. Then, I followed her. After following her to the back of the college, my friends sang birthday song to me loudly! I’m touched, then I cry a little bit.. Their efforts are amazing! I saw they hang the balloons, the sweet birthday wishes. It was very cute. Hahaha. They said that it took so much time to wait for me. Until the candles are already short. Hahahah I’m so idiot. Why I can’t figure out their prank or surprise! Haha. Oh! Oh! And By the way, I got so many wishes on instagram, whatsapp and wechat! It was great feeling tho. Lastly, I really love my friends because, without them, my birthday is nothing. Thank you girls for the lovely surprise and set up! 

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Experiencing Travelling 2014 part2

We then transferred to Lucern and slept at Renaissance Lucerne. I didn’t have to share the room eventhough the room is very big! I love the room so much because the toilet is located in the room. But, I have to climb mini stairs to go to the toilet. For me, it was very unique because I never found it in my place. The next day, we went to Lucern for city tour. On the afternoon, we depart from Lucern and get ready to go to Paris. Because on the next day, we are going to Paris! Yahoo! Everywhere we go, we go there by bus. So, our main transportation is bus.

walking around Lucern

night stop before arrive Paris
When we arrived at Paris, we stopped at Park & Suite Val D Europe. It is located near Paris Disneyland since Disneyland is very far from the city. Everyone is very excited. Especially me! I am very excited since it is my first time go to Disneyland. Where all the Disney princesses gather and so many dolls the sell. Ugh, I love it! I ride almost everything that they provide there. oh! oh! For the famous ride, they provide fast tickets. You have to take the ticket at the ride's stop and wait for the exact time that mentioned in the ticket. The fast ticket is like VIP pass. You can cut the queue and play the ride. The fast ticket is free. So, everyone can ride it. Not to forget about the parade made by them. The parade was awesome! Since I went there on Christmas, the parade was all about Christmas. 

my mom standing outside the Disneyland Princess
Next, after tired.. we went to shopping! We visit La Vallee Outlet. There were many famous not so luxury boutique there. And the first thing I saw is Churros! Here at my place, I never had it before. So, I am very excited to taste it. The dip is amazing! All I saw was they only melt Nutella into a hot bowl then they mix together until the nutella starts to melt. Ugh, yum! While my family and other relatives are busy shopping, I stopped at Starbucks and start eating my churros dip with Nutella. Oh by the way, our tour guide gave us shopping coupon. Which consists of free macaroons and hot drinks, I started to collect them. Ugh, food and me is a good combination. Then, we go back to the hotel and have some rest a.k.a sleep.

churros and Nutella dip.
The next day, we go to Paris city. Where it located Eiffel Tower! Well, it was my second time reach here. The weather is still cold. Our local tour guide at Paris City is very funny. Eventhough she speaks with French Slang, but we still can understand her. Then, we went to Paris sightseeing tour. It was an amazing memories because this is my second time went there.

my lovely family

On our last day, we went to a mall for our last visit because we are going back tonight. I didn’t buy anything because I don’t know what to buy. I thought of buying a handbag, but then my old handbag is still in a good condition. Then, we have t moved to the airport early so that we can check –in early so it didn’t cause any careless mistakes. At the airport, our tour guide said that they sell Laduree’s famous macaroon. Without wasting any time, my mom bought it. It was very colourful and cute. But, we must carefully choose the macaroon because some of the macaroons have wine in it. The night we fly, our flight stopped at Airport Abu Dhabi for transferred flight. While waiting for another flight, my relatives and I waited at boarding place. I didn’t realize my parents were there with me because I’m really tired. But then, they surprised me. They bought me a handbag. It was green and small. Just nice for me. I really love the handbag because it was my parent’s gift.

*beware of pickpockets*

Experiencing Travelling 2014 part1

before we take off to Milan at KLIA
On 24th December 2014, I went to Europe again with my family and relatives. We use Etihad Airways. We stopped at Abu Dhabi International Airport before we went to Milan. We arrived at Milan Malpensa Airport. This is my first time travelled to Italy. I can’t imagine how happy I was when I knew that my family planned to go there. My hobby itself is travelling because how my parents raised me. They always bring me whenever they go. I think, what makes I love more about travelling is when my mom travel eventhough she is pregnant and carrying me. Well, there are so many things to told if I want to write about travelling. So, back to the story… After we arrived at Milan, we took a bus and we go to sightseeing tour with the local tour guide.

after we arrived at Milan Malpensa Airport
Milan Cathedral
Our next stop is at Milan Cathedral. There was a historical building used to be church. The building was full of statue and cross. The building is very big, not to mention about the mall besides the church.. It has market, h&m and many other boutique. Then, we moved to Castello Sforzesco. It was also a historical building that we stopped in Milan. At 6, we went to Lake Corno. There we can see many houses built on the mountain. On Christmas Eve, there are not so many stores opened. So, we have to find a halal food in Milan and to found one is very hard because there are not so many stalls opened. At night, we stopped at Best Western Hotel to get some rest.

Lake Corno
At Best Western Hotel, my uncle brought a mini rice cooker with him. At first, my family and I laughed at my uncle. Because, it was our first time heard people travel bring rice cooker with them. My uncle cooked some rice and some meal then, they eat. I can smell the meal inside my room eventhough my room is quite far from his room. As far as I remember my family and I travelling, we only bring instant food with us. Because it doesn’t use many spaces. We usually used Ibrahim’s instant food because it is easy to found and bought.

on Top of Mount Titlis
The next day, which is on Christmas day, we get ready to climb Mount Titlis. This Mount is very famous from people that who love to skiing. I wore 4 layers of cloth because we have to climb mountain -15c temperature. It was very cold. my toes, my hand, my face get numb. I almost cried because I can’t handle the temperature. Can you imagine? The snow fall on your numb face!! At first, it was very fun. But then, it hurts. On our way back, the ground floor of the Mount started to snow. And everyone was cheering. Including me. I was very excited because it was my first time experiencing snow on Christmas day! Yeay me!

*beware of pickpockets*

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Experiencing Travelling on 2013 Part2

The next day, we went back to Paris because we have planned to go to London. From Paris to London, my family and I go there by train passing thru English canal 40km undersea. At Gare du Nord, which is train station at Paris, we took eurostar train. Eurostar is the high-speed passenger train from London to Paris via the Channel Tunnel. It took about 2 hours 15 minutes to Paris. Then, we arrived at London Liverpool Street Station

this is outside of Gare du Nord
At London, we stayed at an apartment at nearby Liverpool Station. Actually on this trip, this was our 1st experience travelling without using travel agent service. We took city bus tour to go everywhere. Because the bus city bus ticket price is quite cheap. Not to forget, we also tried the smelly under tunnel train called metro. The tunnel is so dirty and smelly. Then, we go shopping at Primark! It was very fun shopping at London. My parents bought me a pair of Clarks boots so that whenever I wore that boot, it reminds me of our memories travel. So, don’t forget to buy yourself special present! So in the future, whenever you look at the present, it reminds you of so many memories. Oh oh! By the way, since we live in an apartment, we cooked salmon grill and make our local chilli soy sauce like we used to do in our country. We bought the groceries at Tesco nearby. The Tesco is very different from our place. We have to tag the price by ourselves and put into the plastic bag by ourselves. It is really interesting thing to do in London. The reason why we cooked is because we missed Malaysian food so much..

Then, we went to Amsterdam. From London To Amsterdam, we take flight. The checked the airport is very strict. At Amsterdam, I also went to Red Light District where there are so many prostitutes behind the glass window. But when we want to take pictures, they get mad and hide behind the curtain. Did you also know that Amsterdam is a free country? We can do anything we want there. We can take drugs, rent a slut and owned guns. Where in Malaysia, we has  very strict rules because Malaysia is an Islam country. Its my first experience a very free country. My family and I went to fishing village by boat cruise. We went to the city from Golden Tulip Hotel by tram. Then, we went to a village where they make wooden shoes and have cheese factory! There were also windmill. The weather is windy and quite cold because we’re not familiar with the weather.

At Amsterdam, I experienced a train on road. Which is very new to me because in Malaysia all the trains are located under a tunnel, besides main road and it is very far from road. I was amazed by the country organizer or what do they call it. I didn’t really sure. Then, we get into a ferry and city touring Amsterdam by using their city ferry. It was very romantic! 

we are presenting the cheese at the factory

Notes; all of the bookings made by my parents are from booking.com . This time, we tried used every transportation while travelling such as car, bus, train, tram, flight, ferry, and boat. 

*beware of pickpockets*

Experiencing Travel on 2013 part 1

On this post, I’m going to talk about my experience travelling. I have been to France, London, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Australia and Italy. Actually, my family and I start travelling when I was small. I often  travel with my family because my parents really love to travel. Since we have a little amount of family members, it is easy for us to move around. I only have four family members. When I was younger, we went to Singapore, Mecca, Medina, and not to forget travelling around Malaysia. Travelling is very fun because, we can gain more knowledge about other ethics and culture. It is very good for my brain. Okay okay, let’s get back to the story. On 25th May 2013 until 3rd June 2013, we start our travelling to Europe. My mother booked night flight ticket to Paris. We flew there 3 of us since my father have a meeting in Amsterdam. We arrived at Paris on the next morning. We use Malaysian Airlines A380. We were there in summer actually. But then, the weather is quite cold. We have to use 2 layer of cloth to keep us warm.

When we arrived, my family and I have to take a tram to go to the coach station where hotel’s coach picked their customer. It was quite hard for us because some of French people can’t talk in English very well. But then, we manage to find way to go to the coach station. Without wasting our time, we took the coach and go to our hotel. 

this is where we wait for the coach.

Before we reach our hotel, the scenery was very nice and there are not so many cars. When we arrived at the hotel, the first thing we asked is the hotel’s wifi. Hahaha! Who doesn’t do that? Then, we go to our room. The room is big and have our own kitchen. Its very nice because we can cook if we miss the food in Malaysia. The view is not very nice because we have the Christian graveyard view. The graveyard is very clean and the grass is very green. But, it’s a grave. Who wants a graveyard view?

On the next day, we picked my father at the airport. Then, my father decided to rent a car so it can make us more easier to travel. It is our very first experiencing manual left-handed car at Europe. My father is really a brave person that I’ve met. My mother is very good on reading the map. My father drove about 650km from Paris to Interlaken, Switzerland. The procedure on renting the car is simple because our license can use internationally.

We rent BMW X1 manual.
The views were really breathetaking! While amazed by the views, my father saw snow on the side of the road. My father parked the car and asked us if we want to play the snow too. It was our 1st time experiencing snow. At Interlaken, we overnight at 1 star hotel because the day is getting dark and feel unsafe since we are unfamiliar with the place. The hotel called F1 hotel. The hotel is really suitalbe for backpackers but, it is not such a problem for us. The toilet is located outside of our room. but, the toilet is very clean. They also provide HALAL pizza food delivery at the hotel. Without wasting time, we ordered pizza for our dinner. Hehehe.

*beware of pickpockets*