Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Experiencing Celebrating my 19th Birthday

On 5th July 2015, sharp on 12 o’clock in the morning, my friends are busy preparing for my surprise birthday party. It was very fun and cute. At first on 4th July, we break fast at Asam Pedas Junior near Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka. Then, my friends decided to go to KL. So, we rush to UiTM because we want to pack our things. But then, when I busy was packing, I realize that my friends are already gone.

So, I went to Bentara to find them. But then, my friends are not there. I was very mad because I thought they lied to me. Hahaha. Then, I went to Bentara and found that Gamma MC111 are rehearsal. Our batch. Gamma are going to perform for iftar MC111 this Monday. So, without wasting any time, I joined them and sing together with them. I didn’t expect that my friends are going to do a surprise party because while I though that they forget about my birthday.. Hahaha.

On 11p.m , we finished our rehearsal. So I went back to my room and get ready to sleep because my friends a.k.a my roommate, Puteri and Sarah were not in the room. Before I go to sleep, Diana came to my room and have a chat with me. Then, Syifa came to my room. I wonder why suddenly, they came to my room. But, like always I ignore my curiosity. Then, Diana asks me to follow her to go to vending machine because she was thirsty and afraid to go alone. I just follow behind her back without talking much. Then, syifa wants to go back to her college. Because it is already late. 

Suddenly, Diana said that she doesn’t have exchange money. So, she have to take from her car. She parked behind our college. Then, I followed her. After following her to the back of the college, my friends sang birthday song to me loudly! I’m touched, then I cry a little bit.. Their efforts are amazing! I saw they hang the balloons, the sweet birthday wishes. It was very cute. Hahaha. They said that it took so much time to wait for me. Until the candles are already short. Hahahah I’m so idiot. Why I can’t figure out their prank or surprise! Haha. Oh! Oh! And By the way, I got so many wishes on instagram, whatsapp and wechat! It was great feeling tho. Lastly, I really love my friends because, without them, my birthday is nothing. Thank you girls for the lovely surprise and set up! 

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